I Was Gonna Talk Shit About Gwyneth Paltrow, and then....

So, a couple of months ago when Ilana and I started this here podcast we were talking about the kind of content we wanted to post. We wanted it to be real and editorially we wanted it resonate with our listeners (or our perceived listeners-I mean, we don't know you...yet) and we're pretty funny so we knew we wanted our content to be funny, so my bright Idea was to do a post about how we, as a society, should stop "mom-shaming" Gwyneth Paltrow" because...you know, she's a mom too and two wrongs don't make a right and then I'd end it cleverly with some backhanded, snarky comment that let you, as the audience, know that I actually really hate just about everything that comes out of Gwyneth Paltrow's mouth just like the rest of the "momesphere." And then you'd know that I was one of you.

Then, yesterday happened. And somewhere between 10 and 20 moms lost their babies. 10 to 20 moms who are just like me and you and Gwyneth Paltrow. And any snarky, adorable mom business I had planned has gone right out the window.

When my son was born I was in postpartum, pain killer induced haze for about two weeks and my own mother and I made many trips back and forth between the hospital and home caring for me and for my newborn. I would breakdown in tears when I saw homeless people on the side of the road because for the first time in my life it dawned on me that EVERYONE IS SOMEBODY'S BABY. Mothers everywhere, no matter what life they were born into, have it in common that they love so tremendously that everything in their life changed the moment their babies were handed to them and they/we can never be the same.

That's our connection to the world.

Me, you, Gwyneth Paltrow and those 10-20 grieving mothers; we all have that in common.

Be a mom and do something

#moms #newmoms #GwynethPaltrow #TalkingShit #Momcauses

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